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Conference Committee

Committee functions: (1) Overall Conference Chair, (2) Registration, (3) Program, and (4) Exhibits. Conference responsibilities are rotated among GLA and GAIT.

Members: The GLA President, 1st VP/President Elect, and the Administrative Coordinator(s) serve on the COMO (Council of Media Organizations) Board. The Treasurer serves on the COMO Board during the year GLA is Overall Conference Chair. Other members are appointed by the GLA President and committee members must meet specific requirements to serve.

Chairs: Elizabeth McKinney
Fred Smith

Cathy Jeffrey
Eli Arnold
Jean Cook
Carol Stanley
Ariel Turner
Amy Burger
Angela Megaw
Sarah Gourley
Paolo P. Gujilde
Kat Greer
Moira Blackflower
Lisa Smith
Christina Holm
Lydia Hofstetter
Rosemary Humphry
Gordon Baker
Stephanie Middleton
Beth McIntyre
Kelly Ansley
Jessica Garner
Pam Nutt
Laura Herndon
Dixie Johnston
Gordon Baker

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