Committee Functions:
(1) to establish criteria for all GLA awards,
(2) to publicize awards,
(3) to receive & review nominations,
(4) to determine whether or not awards should be given and, if so, who will receive them, and,
(5) to make award presentation arrangements
[plaques, monetary award, certificates, proclamations, etc.]

a Chair and representatives from public, school, special, and academic libraries.

Chair: Kelly Ansley, East Georgia State College

Marie Day
Jasmine Rizer
Jolene Cole
Michael Luther
Thomas Fisher
Pia Poku
Swalena Griffin

Jozina Cappello
Rhonda Boozer
Leslie Madden
Julia Padgett
Melissa Lockaby
Melissa Whitesell
Kristine Stilwell

The 2017 GLA Awards Nomination is now closed