Committee Functions:
(1) to create or revise requirements for awarding any scholarship granted by the Association
(2) to publicize the scholarship program
(3) to answer all requests for scholarship information
(4) to judge the applications and award the scholarship(s)
(5) to assure that the conditions of the award are adhered to by the recipients
(6) to solicit additional funds for the scholarship(s) and encourage the establishment of additional scholarship grants
(7) to recognize scholarship donors
(8) to request the disbursement of funds to scholarship winners

a chair, a vice-chair and any member of GLA who volunteers to serve.

Linh Uong

William Brogdon

Jodi Brown
Erica Bruchko
Ben Carter
Mary Ann Cullen
Ann Marie Davis
Mack Freeman
Teryn Gilliam
Oscar Gittemeier
Angela Glowcheski
Laura Herndon
Nancy Holmes
Sara Legree
Teresa Jones

Natalie Logue
Karen Manning
Evelyn Merk
Erin Nagel
Sandra Riggs
Rebecca Rose
Janice Shipp
Sofia Slutskaya
Carol Stanley
Tamika Strong
Roni Tewksbury
Carol Waggoner-Angleton