Statement of Purpose

The GLA Story Project aims to record interviews with Georgia Library Association members that highlight members experiences with GLA, the Georgia Libraries Conference, and libraries in Georgia. This initiative is not only a way to capture, preserve, and present the history of GLA, but is also a way to provide a fun opportunity for members to engage with the association by sharing their stories, learning how to capture stories, or listening to the stories of others.

Project Chairs

Casey Long
Jacqueline Watkins

Technical Support and Training Team

Charlie Bennett
John Mack Freeman

Interviews & Outreach Team

Priscilla Dickerson
Erica Rainey
Mary W. Moore
Elizabeth Friedly
Sam Reardon
Jené Watson

Project Resources

Permission slip

Story Archive (Hosted by StoryCorps)

Dr. Diana J Very: GLA President (Sept 2018)
Ashley Hoffman: Getting Involved in GLA (Oct 2018)
Wendy Cornelisen: Advocating for Libraries (Oct 2018)
Rosie Robledo: New Member / Conference Attendee Perspective (Oct 2018)
Emily Williams: New Members Round Table Chair (April 2018)
Amy Eklund: ALA Councilor (October 2017)
Ashley Dupuy & Eli Arnold: GLA Treasurers (October 2017)
Carol Stanley: GLA President (Oct 2017)
Carterette Series Webinars Team: Current Team Practices (Oct 2017)
John Mack Freeman: Getting Involved in GLA (Oct 2017)
Kimberly Boyd & Virginia “Ginny” Feher: Getting Involved in GLA (Oct 2017)
Mary Ann Cullen: Getting Involved In GLA (Oct 2017)
Shelley Rogers: Getting Involved in GLA (Oct 2017)
Susan Morris & Fred Smith: History of Resource Sharing in Georgia (Oct 2017)
Sarah Steiner & Tessa Minchew: The Beginning of the Carterette Series Webinars (July 2017)
Oscar Gittemeier: Getting Involved in GLA (July 2017)