Committee Functions:
(1) members of the committee serve as liaisons between the two sponsoring organization GLA and GAIT
(2) provides coordination for the district and state level media festivals.

any member of GLA who volunteers to serve.

Chair: Gordon Baker

Amy Eklund
Rebecca Rose
Linda Johnson
Terri Bell
Teresa Nesbitt
Sarah Grace Glover
Linh Uong
Michelle Lenderman
Deborah Hargroves
Mary Peacock

Georgia Student Media Festival Homepage

A sampling of some of the best of the best is available on the Georgia Student Media Festival web page.

Purpose of the Georgia Student Media Festival

The purpose of the festival is to stimulate student interest and involvement in all types of media production. This is accomplished by providing an opportunity for students to show their work to an interested audience, to have their work critiqued by a panel of expert judges, and to be stimulated by the work of other students.

K-12 festival activities progress through three successive levels: building, system, and state. Entries must be evaluated at each level and receive a superior rating in order to proceed to the next level. Private schools are responsible for contacting the public school system in their geographic area for information on system or state level judging.

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