The mission of the Marketing and Branding Committee of the Georgia Library Association is to promote the Association and GLA events; to manage the marketing and branding of the Association; and to manage GLA‘s website and social media platforms.

Vice President of Marketing and Branding:
Ashley Dupuy

Joy Caldwell

Dyana Costello Banks

Leslie Drost


Charlie Bennett
Lynn S. Bigbie
Mary Braswell
Kimberly Britt
Benjamin Bryson
John Cruickshank
Roy Cummings
Kim L. Eccles
Amy Eklund
Abbie Gettys

Farley W. Jenkins
Amy McGee
Jeff Mortimore
Brenda Poku
Mary Poland
Jackie Radebaugh
Amanda Roper
Brooke Rose
Eleanor Kinlaw-Ross
Jacqueline Watkins

If you would like to volunteer for the Marketing and Branding Committee, please contact Ashley Dupuy.