The Georgia Library Association offers support for a wide variety of interest groups that advocate for many causes. Consider joining any of the groups listed below and if you are interested in filling an officer’s position or launching a new group, contact the GLA Interest Group Council.

Interest Group Council

  • Interest Group Council Chair: Catherine Manci
  • Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Leslie Drost

Contact Interest Group Council at

Black Caucus (GLA-BC)

  • Chair: Thomas Jackson, Jr.
  • Vice Chair/Chair Elect: La Loria Konata
  • Secretary: Deon King

Contact GLA-BC at

Statement of Purpose

The Georgia Library Associations’ Black Caucus (GLA-BC) will provide leadership and advocacy, promoting equity, diversity and inclusion of library services in all communities. It will serve as a forum for collaborative endeavors and creative exchange of ideas. This network of professionals seeks to cultivate this broad spectrum through information and resource sharing, learning and developmental programs, events, activities, and channels of communication throughout the state of Georgia and nationally.



Circulation & Access Services

  • Chair: Joshua Yang, Georgia State University
  • Vice Chair: Vacant
  • Secretary: Erin Tan, Columbus State University

Contact Circulation & Access Services Interest Group at

Statement of Purpose
The object of the Circulation and Access Services Interest Group is to promote the exchange of ideas and discussion of issues relating to circulation and access service operations within the Georgia Library Association network of various libraries.

January 10, 2020

Collection Development

  • Chair: Sarah Trowbridge
  • Vice Chair: Melissa Lockaby
  • Secretary: Rebekah Scarborough-McGraw

Contact Collection Development Interest Group at

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of the Collection Development Interest Group is to promote the discussion and exchange of ideas related to library collection development. This includes collection management, selection tools and processes, and collection development policies. Other possible topics of discussion include collection assessment and evaluation, fiscal management and budgeting, and preservation of materials.

Statement of Criteria for Membership
The group is open to anyone with an interest in issues related to library collection development.

Meeting Minutes

Distance Learning

  • Chair: Amy Shaw
  • Vice-Chair: Vacant
  • Secretary: Sarah Grace Glover

Contact the Distance Learning Interest Group at

Statement of Purpose

The Distance Learning Interest Group is for GLA members interested in the challenges of providing library services to distance learners.  Our focus is on the kinds of support we, as library staff, can supply to users virtually, remotely, or off-campus.  This includes traditional distance learners, students taking hybrid classes, or any other user accessing library services remotely.

All GLA members are welcome, regardless of role in the library or type of library.

To join DLIG, select Distance Learning in your profile in the GLA Membership Portal.


Subscribe to DLIG Forum to get notice of upcoming events.

Distance Librarianship Under Duress (Poster presentation 7-10-2020)
3D IL: Providing Information Literacy Learning Opportunities for Distance Learners Across Time, Space and Mode
(Dana Longley webinar 9-18-2019)
Collaborative Design Thinking: How to Strategically Leverage Shrinking Resources to Build Online Learning Experiences
(Joelle Pitts webinar 4-9-2018)


January 14, 2021
January 10, 2020
October 10, 2019
January 11, 2019
October 4, 2018
January 19, 2018
October 5, 2017
December 14, 2016

Genealogy & Local History

  • Chair: Cole Hale
  • Vice Chair: Tamika Strong
  • Secretary: Vacant

Contact the Genealogy & Local History Interest Group at

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of the interest group is to exchange ideas and information about the use and accessibility of library genealogy, local history and archival materials. Specific interests include the management of digitization projects and born-digital collections, collections management and preservation, reference and research services, archival processing, programming, and project grant funding.

October 7, 2016

Genealogy and Local History Interest Group Bylaws

Gender & Sexuality Diversities

  • Chair: Jennifer Griffin (co-chair)
  • Chair: Crystal Miller (co-chair)
  • Vice-Chair: Justin Ellis
  • Secretary: Kevin Reagan

Contact Gender and Sexuality Diversities Interest Group at

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the GLA Gender and Sexuality Diversities Interest Group is to advocate for and advance the voices of LGBTQIA+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual/Aromantic and more) individuals in Georgia libraries through networking and collaboration. Specific topics of the Interest Group include outreach, programming, resource sharing, community building, and access to resources. In addition, it will also facilitate collaborative programming for the annual Georgia Libraries Conference on topics such as inclusive programs, collection development, supporting your LGBTQIA+ colleagues, current issues, and more.

All GLA members are welcome.


Government Information

  • Chair: Susie O’Connor
  • Vice Chair: Brenda Poku
  • Secretary: Vacant

Contact Government Information Interest Group at

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of the Government Information Interest Group is to promote the use and accessibility of federal, state, and local documents as well as foreign and international documents and to provide support, information-sharing, and instruction for government documents at all levels.


Information Technology

  • Chair: Vacant
  • Vice-Chair: Vacant
  • Secretary: Vacant

Contact Information Technology Interest Group at

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Information Technology Interest Group is to collect and disseminate information on technologies in library and information environments. The interest group will serve both an educational and clearinghouse function. It will plan and support state-wide meetings and seminars dealing with information technology. It will also seek to provide a forum for the exchange of technical information and the discussion of common problems through publications and special workshops.




Intellectual Freedom

  • Chair: Bel Outwater
  • Vice-Chair: Devera Chandler
  • Secretary: La Loria Konata

Contact Intellectual Freedom Interest Group at

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of the Intellectual Freedom Interest Group is to increase awareness of intellectual freedom and social responsibility issues among the librarians and all citizens of Georgia. The group educates the members of GLA and supports efforts to combat censorship in all forms.


Interlibrary Loan

Contact Interlibrary Loan Interest Group at

  • Chair:Christopher Andrews
  • Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Vacant
  • Secretary: Vacant

Statement of Purpose
The objectives of the Interlibrary Loan Interest Group are to promote and facilitate the necessary and appropriate discussion and joint decision making which is essential to maintaining and increasing cooperation between libraries of all types.

Georgia Interlibrary Loan Code 2016

Leadership and Management

  • Chair: Dyana C. Costello Banks
  • Vice Chair: Karen Doster-Greenleaf
  • Secretary: Vacant

Contact the Leadership and Management Interest group at

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Leadership & Management Interest Group shall be the education, development, and support of current and emerging leaders and managers in all types of libraries across Georgia.

Library Services for Persons with Disabilities

The objectives of the Library Services for Persons with Disabilities Interest Group shall be:

  1. to promote an integrated library experience utilizing assistive technology to ease the access of information for persons with aural, mobility, neurological or visual disabilities, whether permanent or temporary;
  2. to foster cooperation and collaboration with community partners;
  3. to provide educational resources and information about new programs and policies affecting Georgia residents with disabilities.



  • Chair: Vacant
  • Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Vacant
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Vacant
  • Newsletter Editor: Vacant

Professional & Continuing Education

  • Chair: Vacant
  • Vice-Chair/Chair Elect:Vacant
  • Secretary: Vacant

Contact PACE at

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of the Professional and Continuing Education Interest Group (PACE) is to advance the interests of librarianship through initial and continuing professional education of Georgia librarians.

Request for Continuing Education Credits for GLA Sponsored Events – Complete this form as a GLA Division, Committee or Interest Group to receive a GLA certificate for continuing education credits. If you have any questions, send an email to

January 08, 2021
January 10, 2020
January 19, 2018
October 5, 2017
December 14, 2016


  • Chair: Vacant
  • Secretary: Vacant

Contact the Programming Interest Group at

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of this Programming Interest Group is to further the interests of those librarians and library staff across the state who provide any type of program for the public, students, or other interested users of the library. As programs have expanded from storytimes to STEAM events, book signing, crafts, and educational seminars, so too must the scope and range of those library workers who offer these events. This interest group will serve as an information gathering point, a sounding board for new ideas, a brainstorming collective, and much more. All GLA members are welcome.

Criteria for Membership
All GLA members are welcome.

Reference & Instructional Services

Contact RISIG at


  • Chair: Dana Johnson
  • Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Kathryn Junco,
  • Secretary: Rebekah Scarborough-McGraw

Statement of Purpose

Sponsoring programs and projects closely related to the work of reference librarians. This interest group aims to advance the informational, bibliographical, instructional, and research services in all types of libraries and at all levels within the State of Georgia.

Historical Perspective

Before the emergence of solid Internet communication, reference, and research, the Reference Services Interest Group contributed to libraries in Georgia through print mediums, for example, in a publication called BRIGHT IDEAS.

Research & Assessment

  • Chair: Jacob Lackner
  • Vice-Chair: Vacant
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Vacant

December 14, 2016
October 7, 2016
January 22, 2016

Contact Research and Assessment Interest Group at

Events and Presentations

March 26th 2021 RAIG virtual meeting presentations

April 26th 2019 RAIG meeting
Developing Assessment Skills When You Have No Idea What To Do Presented by Catherine Bowers, Valdosta State University
Building Meaningful Partnerships With Schools
Presented by Don Giacomini, Gwinnett Public Library System
Honed Outreach: Leveraging Your Library’s Social Media Presence
Presented by Abbie Holmes, Middle Georgia State University
Library Spelling Bees as Outreach
Presented by Leticia Stinson, Fulton County Library System

Avoiding Research Pitfalls
Presented by Dr. Michael Gibbons, Middle Georgia State University, March 9, 2017

Removing Barriers to One-Shot Assessment
Presented by Amy Fyn, Margaret Fain, Coastal Carolina University, October 6, 2016

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of this interest group is to foster the skills, knowledge, and experience of members and others in the practices of 1) library assessment and 2) library and information science research.

These two practices seek to positively affect library practices and outcomes by promoting research-based decision making in individual libraries and in the profession as a whole. Members share a common interest in the techniques of qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis.

By joining together, our members further their common interests and goals by exchanging ideas and information, collaborating on projects, and creating learning opportunities for themselves and others.

RAIG Bylaws

Space Planning & Facilities

  • Chair: Vacant
  • Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect: Vacant

This group is currently inactive because it lacks a chair. If you’d like to chair the group, contact the Interest Group Council Chair at

Statement of Purpose
For anyone involved with or working on library facility issues such as refurbishing, remodeling, renovation, moving, sustainability, and new building construction. Other topics of interest might include anything from space planning to daily maintenance and repair issues. The group will be a resource to share information relevant to all types of libraries, and possibly suggest topics of interest for GLA Conference presentations.

January 11, 2019
October 5, 2017

Technical Services

Technical Services Interest Group

Contact TSIG at

  • Chair: Sofia Slutskaya
  • Vice Chair/Chair Elect: Emily Williams
  • Secretary: Tara Kunesh

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of Technical Services Interest Group is “to contribute to library service in Georgia through encouragement and promotion of activities in the fields of acquisitions, cataloging, classification, electronic resources management, library systems, serials, and related fields, and through cooperation with the Georgia Library Association. This interest group is organized as one of the regional groups of the ALA Association for Library Collections & Technical Services (ALCTS) Division. Any member of the Georgia Library Association engaged or interested in the work of acquisitions, cataloging, classification, electronic resources management, library systems, serials, and related fields in the state of Georgia may become a member of this interest group.” (GLA Handbook, Nov. 2014, p. 79)


Our webinars are listed on Meetings & Webinar Hosting.