Committee Functions:
(1) to receive, sort and prepare the records of GLA, specifically Division, Interest Group and Committee files
(2) to keep copies of conference programs; the Georgia Library Quarterly; Executive Board minutes; Treasurer’s records; and other official records of the Association
(3) to forward all records to the archives housed at Valdosta State University

a Chair (the GLA Archivist), the Secretary of the Executive Board, plus one other member appointed by the Chair.

Chair/GLA ArchivistDeborah Davis

Jean Mead (GLA Secretary)
Angela Dixon

The Records Committee of the Georgia Library Association in responsible for the collection and upkeep of the official GLA Archives held at Valdosta State University.

GLA Archives

Forms for submitting files and records (in PDF format)

GLA Photograph Indexing Form

GLA Records Transmittal Form

How to Organize Records for the GLA Archives

Records Timeline for Chapters

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