Committee Functions:
(1) to suggest & foster plans designed to solicit new memberships
(2) to encourage renewal of memberships of all librarians, active and retired; paraprofessionals; MLIS graduate students; and library trustees, friends, and advocates
(3) to host membership tables and exhibits at conferences

a chair (2nd Vice-President/Membership Chair) and representatives from public, school, special, and academic libraries. The Administrative Services Coordinator serves as an ex-officio member.

The Georgia Library Association mission is to provide leadership that empowers and supports library and information professionals and the diverse library community by promoting professional growth, fostering innovation, creativity, and expertise, and through advocacy that advances and sustains library services throughout Georgia.

Membership in GLA provides educational, leadership, and professional development opportunities.

Chair:  Rebecca Ballard


Full Members List

  • Rebecca Ballard
  • Stephanie Bernard
  • Meredith Carmack
  • Lauren Chase
  • Ashleigh Cofer
  • Alison Cook
  • Sheila Devaney
  • Angela Dixon
  • T. Dority
  • Evangelista Ernie
  • Robert Fallen
  • Damiana Fortenberry
  • Valerie Fouchey
  • Bokshim Fox
  • Mytee Garcia
  • Kelli Anne Gecawich
  • T’Jerria Green
  • Michele Nicole Johnson
  • Sammie Johnson
  • LaChelle Jordan
  • Ansley Kelly
  • Alissa Landram
  • Christian Lear
  • Rob MacGregor
  • Kadiyala Madhu
  • Angela Megaw
  • Lisa Randolph
  • Jessica Rhoden
  • Michele Robinson
  • Betty Rogers
  • Kimberly Scott
  • Janice Shipp
  • Kimbery Snoddy-George
  • Carol Stanley
  • Susan Stephens
  • Robert Stephens Jr
  • Lynn Stevens
  • Dana Sykes-Webster
  • Gina Viarruel
  • Amber Winkelman
  • Kathryn Youles