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GLA Scholarship Recipients

List of past Beard and Hubbard Scholarship recipients

The Beard Scholarship

The Beard Scholarship of the Georgia Library Association is made possible by friends and colleagues of the late Charles Edward Beard who served libraries and the library profession for almost 40 years with distinction and dedication.  The purpose of this scholarship is to provide financial assistance toward completing a Master's degree in library science for candidates who show strong potential to inspire and motivate their peers in the profession and in professional associations.

Friends and members of GLA continue to generously donate to this scholarship fund.  In recent years, the annual Scholarship Raffle at the COMO Conference also has supported funding for this scholarship, the amount of which the association intends to increase as more funding becomes available.

The Hubbard Scholarship

The Hubbard Scholarship of the Georgia Library Association is made possible by the family and friends of Mr. C. S. Hubbard, an early supporter of libraries in Georgia. The purpose of the scholarship is to recruit excellent librarians for Georgia and provide financial assistance toward completing a Master's degree in library science.

Friends and members of GLA continue to generously donate to this scholarship fund.

Scholarship Funding

What can you do?

GLA Scholarship Fund
Georgia Library Association
P.O. Box 793
Rex, GA 30273-0793


The recipient must:

Application Procedure

To apply, submit the following materials to the vice-chair on or before May 23rd:

  1. Official application form (pdf) or online (you may be considered for both scholarships via one form and other accompanying documentation - do not send duplicate materials).

  2. All applicants are encouraged to submit their applications through the online form. Please note that the application must be completed in one sitting. We highly recommend writing your essay in a separate program (such as Word) to allow for spell-checking and then copy/pasting into the appropriate blank. Letters of reference, transcripts, and proof of admissions must still be e-mailed directly to the Scholarship Committee vice-chair at

  3. Proof of admission to an American Library Association-accredited Master’s program/library school, i.e., a letter from the dean of the school/program certifying your acceptance (scans or copies are acceptable).

  4. Two letters of reference sent directly to the committee vice-chair.

  5. Official transcripts of all academic work sent directly to the vice-chair from each college or university you have attended.

  6. A short essay that states your reasons for wanting to be a librarian and your ultimate professional goals. Include this as a separate file emailed to the committee vice-chair if not using the online form.

Applicants may contact the vice-chair of the committee directly concerning the status of their application.

Selection of Award Recipients

The Scholarship Committee will review all complete applications received by the deadline of May 23. Selection will be based on the application and supporting documents.  Other considerations being equal, residents of Georgia will be given preference.  Applicants will be considered for both awards by the committee.  Beard scholarship criteria are the same as for the Hubbard; the committee will choose two top candidates with the Beard being given preferably to applicants demonstrating involvement in a professional library association (e.g., GLA, ALA, SELA) or evidence of library leadership.

Applicants will be notified of the decision no later than June 15. The scholarship will be paid to the recipient in equal installments at the beginning of each term (semester, quarter or other division) of the school in which the recipient is enrolled. Also, reimbursement of some travel expenses will be provided to Beard and Hubbard Scholarship recipients to attend one COMO conference, in order to be honored at the GLA Awards Ceremon and to assist with the Scholarship Raffle.

Email of all documents, except for school transcripts, is required.
Please send to (please note: the email address must be in all lowercase letters or it will not go through)

Transcripts may be mailed to:
Mack Freeman
GLA Scholarship Committee Vice-chair
c/o West Georgia Regional Library
710 Rome Street
Carrollton, GA 30117

Members of the Scholarship Committee

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